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About City Bazaar

City Bazaar is a newly opened company in 2020. We believe that City Bazaar has the potential to grow in the Danish market. In Denmark, the number of Nepalese communities is growing rapidly every year. Similarly, Denmark accepts the foreign culture. The best way to integrate is through food. Therefore, City Bazaar is established to serve the Nepalese ethnic products. In addition, City Bazaar called itself as “Warehouse”. So, retailers, restaurants and direct consumer will be our target group. City Bazar is an online food and grocery store where you can order the products from home.

We stand for the best quality at a reasonable price at City Bazaar having product portfolio of Nepalese and Indian Taste. As a grocery supplier, we concentrate on the essentials. Through our efficient processes and the trust, we ensure an excellent relationship between quality and price and a well thought out product offering. As a customer of City Bazaar, you can confidently expect our products to be fresh and of good quality. It is crucial for us to meet the needs of our customers. For instance, we are emphasized by providing a large selection of Convenient products (i.e. Nepal and India). Moreover, we also provide job opportunities. We are not a business organization but a place where we can visualize Nepalese products culturally, learn more about teamwork, share vision, respect, and motivation with other cultures too.


The aim of City Bazaar is to fulfill the gap of customer preferences by serving food products with local taste.


“To be an independent, innovative, honest, and sustainable cooperative in which customers can select a wide array of goods at affordable prices.”


“To provide an exceptional buying experience by offering the best service, value, quality, and fresh products with local taste while being better citizens of our environment and giving back to the communities we serve.”

Core Values

“To listen to the consumers, the employees, the actors, and our environment, to provide products, training, information, welfare, growth, and sustainability, and being accountable through dedication, integrity, and respect.”

Our Responsibility

As a grocery chain, we have a great influence on the goods we sell, and therefore we also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on society. It gives us a great responsibility to actively reduce the potential environmental impacts our products have and to work to develop our supply chain in a more socially responsible direction. Hence, we have a great responsibility ethically, socially, and environmentally. That is why we work every day to ensure a sustainable development of the goods we have on the shelves. And we have strong attitudes about how we treat the environment and not least the people around us.

Business Scope

Each and every organization has their own vision and mission to run the business in the competitive market. We also have strong beliefs on our vision and mission of the organization, so we are working effectively to achieve it successfully. It is not an easy task to operate the business in the competitive market so, we should have to make proper plan and strategy to run the business and sustain it in the society. 

Our target is to serve the food with local tastes to Nepalese community. We are planning to provide best and quality products to our consumers and also good working environment to the employees who works with us.

City Bazaar Family

Rabindra Khadka

Shailesh Pokhrel

Prashant Baniya

Anoj Thapa

Dear Customers,

Thank you for visiting us and making your purchase!  It is our goal that you are always happy with what you bought from us, so please let us know if your buying experience was anything short of excellent. We look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day!

Best Regards,
City Bazar Family